About The Midland Rolls-Royce Club

The Midland Rolls–Royce Club is and has always been an independent club and not a section of The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. It is centred in Warwickshire.

Membership is open to owners of all Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor cars made by the Rolls-Royce Company.

The Club was originally formed in 1958 as a self-help association for owners of pre-war cars where much exchange of help, information, parts and tools went on. The Club has matured and it’s outlook broadened. We award some cups and trophies in several categories each year. It’s all very friendly and light hearted, we do not believe in taking things too seriously.

We usually hold at least on weekends away each year, generally in spring. These really are a social affair and give members from further afield to meet up. During the course of the year we aim to organise an event each month which involves a Sunday lunch, often incorporating a visit to a house, museum or garden etc.

We hold an Annual Dinner in March and an A.G.M. in November

At present there are about 40 members, who over the year attend different events, so a variety of members meet at different times where a friendly atmosphere is always created.

Most of our meetings are held in the West Midlands so you can guarantee a drive to the venue that isn’t too far but enough to give your car an airing.

Members have very little in common with regards to age, background or daytime activities but a love of using the cars is paramount and a relaxed informality always prevails.